SES is THE Sales Process Technology Platform for Sales Consultants & Sales Trainers

Sales Process Technology (SPT) facilitates the proper insights into whether the SPE’s advice is being followed so they can modify their recommendations and best practices based on feedback from the reps. Direct feedback identifies which Talking Points and Sales Playbooks the reps believe add the most value allowing them to drop less valued messaging and focusing on making the best ones even more valuable.

How Effective Would a Doctor Be..?

A Doctor without insights from x-rays and lab results is not a Doctor at all…

The SPE’s practice is like a health care practitioner that has no lab results to determine if the prescribed sales “medicine” is being taken by a patient. They have no way of knowing whether or not the sales “treatment” is achieving the desired outcome. They are not able to demonstrate that the sales “ailment”  has been “cured”. They cannot measure increased revenue since without a demonstrable course of treatment, bills will be rejected by insurance companies.

The value of sales training without SPhas a very short lifespan and no effective method  that places the training content at the Rep’s fingertips in the field. There’s no way of knowing whether the advice and recommended best practices are being followed without leveraging SPT.

Consider the following…

Beyond CRM

…CRM is the “system of record” that organizes all the data that has been entered during the sales process… but only the data that has been entered. How do we know if the most important information was entered into the CRM?‘s movie released at Dreamforce (The Story of Sales) clearly explains the history of CRM. Neil Rackham, founder of Huthwaite International, consultant, and author of the original guide on “consultative selling” – his book SPIN®Selling – explains that CRM’s were adopted by CEO’s primarily as a way to ensure that they met the forecast they gave their boards – he goes on to say that “CRM’s were not designed to help the sales reps and actually interfere with their sales productivity”. 

“Reporting on the Recorded” serves a purpose, but neither optimizes the revenues for the company – nor maximizes the commissions for the sales reps. CRM’s challenge has always been to get adoption by the Sales Reps to maintain the quality and sufficiency of the data that is captured. CRM’s are only as valuable as the depth and accuracy of the data that is entered. Sales Reps resist entering data in part because it takes away from selling time (efficiency) and does not add value during their customer interactions (effectiveness).

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